How to: Install, set up and run meld. Compare Files and Folders for free (Linux)

How to Compare 2 Folders with MELD on Linux

1. Install Meld

Search for “meld” in the package manager and install the Application with one click on the “install” button.

Now you’re done.

2. Start meld

Choose the freshly installed Application and double klick.

3. Choose your folders to compare

Once you’ve chosen your folders to compare -> klick “OK”On the bottom line you will see that meld is working:

After some time – it depends on the size of the compared folders – you see the overview and result.

4. Result

Explanation of the colors:

Green files only exist on the metioned side, and dont exist in the other folder
Red Files are existing on both sides, but one of them is modified.


Some useful Settings for meld to be done

Avoid white spaces and comments to be recognized as a difference between two files. This can save you a lot of time.

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